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Evangelist of the Center Point Road Church of Christ
Matthew Brotherton

The Lord blessed Matthew Brotherton when Georgie said “I do” on March 6th, 2020. God then blessed them with a son, Callahan, who was born in January of 2021 while Matthew was a student at the Memphis School of Preaching. Prior to preaching school, Matthew worked in Anchorage Alaska as a school psychologist for the Anchorage Public Schools. 


After graduating from the Memphis School of Preaching in June of 2022, the Brotherton family began serving with the Center Point Road church of Christ in July of 2022, when Matthew began serving as their preacher. 


Matthew was raised in a godly household and attributes his success to his God who blesses him, his parents who reared him, and his loving wife who supports him. Matthew and Georgie enjoy a simple life that includes good food, good coffee, and plenty of adventures, but their primary focus is on serving God and their fellow man while also raising their son to know and love God.  


Matthew and Georgie are planning to enter the mission field in the Philippines in 2025 and are looking to raise financial support for their mission work.  If you would like to donate to this very worthy work, please click here: 

The Spiritual Need in the Philippines



With a population of >106 Million across 7,500 islands, the Spiritual Need in the Philippines is great. About 80% are Catholic, about 5% are Muslim, and only about 13% identify as Christians, with most being affiliated with various denominations.

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